Steve Schofield & Monica Ficker


“We’ve made a strong ethical investment for our children. In these uncertain times, iSolara’s solar installation provides us with a guaranteed solid return on our investment.

It’s a win/win – the economics make sense while doing the right thing for the environment.”

Barbara et Martin Lelièvre

<<Pour nous, iSolara était le choix évident. Mais en fin de compte, un système qui nous appartient à part entière représente le meilleur investissement. >>


Cumberland Housing

Cumberland Housing

“The microFIT program provides non-profit housing with a great opportunity to earn revenue that can be reinvested in capital expenditures to upgrade the housing facilities and buildings.”

Weststar Farms

“We are very excited about our solar project and promote it within the horse community as much as we can.”

Westar Farms

Ross and Judy MacEwan


“We have always embraced an energy efficient lifestyle, adding solar panels was just the next step.”

Dave Fairbairn

“The final decision to go solar was purely economics. For me, it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

Cumberland Housing

Marcel Laviolette

Cumberland Housing

<< Nous cherchions des moyens d’accroître notre productivité tout en investissant dans notre avenir. Les panneaux solaires étaient la solution.>>