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Solar energy has been recognized as the most environmentally friendly technology for the powering a sustainable planet. Our customers are the greatest advocates for solar as they know how it really works.

iSolara Solar Power is pleased to announce our Solar Ambassador program to assist with information about solar and to provide a $200 reward for referrals that become projects.

Simply enter your name and your referrals details and we will contact your referral and we will contact them to see if we can help them with a project and to become a solar ambassador as well.

What are the benefits of installing solar on my home?

• Solar panels absorb the suns energy, protecting your roof from harmful UV rays and the degradation it causes.
• Your home will be cooler as less heat penetrates into your attic, reducing your air conditioning costs and again protecting your shingles.
• Your roof will be stronger as the systems racking and panels create an aluminum exoskeleton that ties all your trusses together.
• You reduce your carbon footprint by about 1 tonne per year.
• You are a role model to your neighbours showing them a path to sustainability.
• You help protect the oceans, forests and wild life by reducing CO2 emissions.
• You can convert your system to net meter once utility costs exceed the benefit you get from your MicroFIT contract.
• The systems have no moving parts allowing panel manufacturers to give 25 year performance warranties.
• You can borrow the money and earn more revenue that you need to cover the payment

Solar Facts and Myths
Myth #1: Solar panels are too expensive for me.
Fact: 97% of Canadians overestimate the cost of solar panels. The reality is that the cost of solar panels has dropped 80 percent since 2008. In fact, most homeowners choosing solar are middle-income families looking for ways to help keep household cost down. Finance options now let homeowners go solar with zero up-front costs.
Myth #2: Installing solar is complicated.
Fact: It doesn’t have to be. Once you request a solar quote, iSolara offers a free consultation. They will show you how much you can save and answer all of your questions. And they take care of the MicroFIT application, permits, inspections and other paperwork for you before installing panels on your roof.
Myth #3: Solar panels are unreliable.
Fact: With no moving parts to wear out, solar panels are very reliable. Most panels produce electricity for more than 30 years and some solar panel manufacturers offer 25 year performance warranties. Actually, many of the first solar systems installed in the 1970s are still producing power today.
Myth #4 Solar won’t work in cold or cloudy environments.
Fact: You don’t need bright sunny days for solar to make sense. In fact, cold and cloudy Germany (which gets less sun than Ontario) is the world leader in solar power. Cold winter weather can help solar panels produce more power on bright, cold winter days given semi-conductors are more efficient at colder temperatures.
Myth #5 Solar will hurt my home’s resale value
Fact: Quite the opposite. A US study by the National Renewable Energy Lab found that homes with solar panels sold 20% faster and for 17% more money than non-solar homes. Your home value rises $20,000 for every $1,000 reduction in energy costs.
Myth#6 Solar panels are bulky and ugly
Fact: Solar panels in the 1970’s were bulky and cumbersome with more focus on efficiency than aesthetics. Modern solar panels today give homes a sleek, sophisticated look allowing them to sell faster for more money than those without.
Myth #7 I won’t live in my home long enough to get my investment back
Fact: Many Canadians are living longer in their homes given the expense of moving. Solar panels have a shorter payback than at any other time in history while improving the resale of your home.
The Ontario MicroFIT program, started in 2009, is earning tens of thousands of Ontario residents monthly income. This has been the most successful solar electric program in Canada as it provides a 20 year return of 8-12%. The most important thing to know is the program is ending December 28, 2017.

If you own your own home, have a farm or a church, school, hospital or municipal building you can still apply. The MicroFIT program allows you to install up to 10 kW of solar power (10 kW requires about 800 sq ft of roof) that will generate on average 11,500 kWh per year at $0.288 /kWh or $3300 a year. Some homes can produce up to $3600 a year if the roof faces south at 30 degree slope.

Also, if you have a smaller roof (~500 sq ft) you can install a 6 kW system with a tariff of $0.311/kWh for an average income of $2150 a year.

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