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Solar For Your Institution

A significant amount of solar was installed on schools, hospitals, hockey arenas and other municipal buildings since 2010. These systems were installed under the microFIT (10 kW) and FIT programs (11 – 500 kW).

Today solar electricity is largely installed as Net Metered systems where power is produced for the host facility and excess is stored on the grid as a credit for use at night or in the winter.

iSolara Solar Power designs systems that optimize the energy production versus the energy utilization for each specific facility. With over 600 solar energy installations we can accurately design a system that matches your facility.

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Net Metering

The true future of Solar is Net Metering where the energy produced is used to displace the energy required to run the facility and extra energy generated in the day or in the summer is saved on the grid as a credit and used at night or in the winter.

Net Metering which was originally legislated in Ontario in 2006 (Ontario Regulation 541/05 ) which states that you can produce your own energy up to but not exceeding the energy you utilize in an 11 month period or you forfeit your credit. (The act is changing in 2017 to a 12 month rolling credit.)

Net Metering is simple. We install the solar and connect the power directly into your building. When the sun is shining you use the solar power first before using power from the grid. If the solar is not bright enough you will use power both from solar and the grid. When there is more solar than load in the business you export power to the grid as a credit.

During the day you export excess power for use at night, and in the summer you export excess power for use in the winter.

In the end, if your load is not too large, you could have virtually no power bill except the usual customer charges, such as the meter fee. It is great having a low power bill while having the reliability and instantaneous power capability of the grid.

iSolara Solar Power is the largest Net Meter installer in Eastern Ontario and we have a very solid process to deliver that out. We take one year of your power bills, check your hydro capacity, calculate your annual use, design a system to displace it (or as much as possible) and then provide you a proposal that details what your savings are.

Once installed, your power bills will be more under control and your facility at a lower risk to increasing electricity costs.

Protect yourself from rising energy costs today.

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Municipalities, Universities, Schools and Hospitals program

The MUSH program will be come active in late 2019 or early 2020 depending on processing of CAIF program for Small to Medium Enterprises. iSolara can help your institution put together your application to gain funding for solar and/or battery storage.

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The Ministry of Energy has announced there will be no more Feed-In-Tariff application windows.