Engineering Services

With more than 30 years of cumulative experience in our team we can provide the best solution for our customers. If you need help with a project our Engineering Rates are reasonable and our experience can save you money today and make you more money every year.

Feasability Studies

Do you want to know honestly what a project will do? Solar irradiation typically varies by only +/- 4% and the rest is primarily physics.

With more than 14 years experience we have developed tools, models and mastered third-party tools such that we can give you a fairly accurate representation of what a project will do.

With over 600 systems in the field, most of which are monitored, we usually have a great project to compare our estimates to make sure they are right.


System Layout and Design

From structural engineering, layout and building permits we can determine the best design that will optimize production while reducing costs. We get the system design and approvals required before erecting your system.

Out of 500 roof mount systems we have only ever had one project that really was not structurally suitable. Solar only weighs 3-4 lbs per square foot so relatively not a problem for 99.8% of roofs in our area.


Electrical Design and Reviews

Our designs reduce the losses in the electrical design while controlling costs to yield our customers a higher ROI. We have the Engineering staff in-house to do the electrical design work.

We have submitted more than 30 Connection Impact Assessments on large projects and work directly with the utility to make sure that the connection chosen is least cost for the customer.