Our Philosophy

If you want to make a difference, are authentically green, organized, positive and like hard work welcome to the world of solar. Most of our office staff drive hybrids, (the CEO drives a blue 2017 Volt), they volunteer for green organizations and generally have a love for this planet.

We expect nothing less than honesty and integrity from our staff. We want highly skilled people who are creative, have strong skill sets and get the job done. Smart people can do quality work, quickly and enjoy the challenge.

Grow, learn and if you are right for the job, the work is fun and inspiring.  What is a more important task than combating climate change and the other environmental impacts that fossil fuels bring to save the planet. The future is now, are you ready for it?

Our Story

We are growing again. Our average employee has been with for more the five years. Not bad considering that really the solar industry in Ontario is really only six years old when the microFIT and Fit programs launched. We treat our employees with respect, give them tools to perform and support them to be successful.

Job Openings

Office Administration

Sales and Marketing

Service and Installation Supervisor

Solar Installers

Contract Positions

Solar Consultants