Ottawa, On

A Rich History of Delivering Quality

iSolara Solar Power was started in 2003 by Warren Abar with a desire to impact climate change while making people energy independent. Using his skill as an engineer, Warren’s research showed that wide scale adoption of Solar Energy was the best antidote to climate change.

iSolara Solar Power started by doing off-grid systems, expanded into solar thermal and then became a grid-tied solar company in 2009 with the introduction of the FIT and microFIT programs.

Today we have more than 600 happy customers including more than 200 farmers, 350 home owners and over 50 institutional and commercial installations.

Through our skill, dedication and commitment to quality we are the largest solar installer east of Toronto and perhaps one day West of Toronto as well given we already have two installations in BC.

Nanaimo, BC

Commitment to Excellence

iSolara Solar Power was started in 2003 with three commitments:
1. Design High Performance Systems
2. Provide High Quality Installations
3. Provide Fair Value

We strive to be the best in the industry and always deliver excellence to our customers.

We are always learning and upgrading our skills to bring our clients the best service possible.

Ottawa, On

Core Values

When iSolara Solar Power was formed in 2003 it was with very deliberate Core Values designed to protect the company, employees, suppliers and customers long-term.

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Fairness
  • These core values have served us well as we have watched more than 30 competitors come and go over the last decade.

    Manotick, On

    Management Team

    Warren Abar
    Founder & CEO

    Warren worked on his first solar project in 1994 on the BC Advanced House, spent years designing Solar Energy Systems as a hobby and finally decided to take the plunge and start iSolara in 2003. Warren is a Professional Engineer and holds the patent on our Quick Track racking system which produces 12-15% more power for Ground Mount systems.

    Henry Schroder
    Henry Schroder was the Director of Energy Monitoring and Energy Management for the largest bakery company in Canada even building a bakery in Winnipeg heated by the waste heat from the ovens. Since 2010 Henry has brought that same skill to everything he does here at iSolara and does an amazing job of managing a growing team.
    Albert Desousa
    Operations Manager
    Albert has been with iSolara since 2009 and has 15 years experience managing projects, teams and contractors. He is the primary operations contact for customers and suppliers at iSolara. With 400 projects and counting, fewer people have more experience than he has. Albert takes the wonderful drone pictures on our website.
    Greene Fuentes
    Office Manager
    Greene has international experience coordinating projects and people in a large NGO organization. She has a degree in Management Accounting and her forte is her attention to detail. Greene’s has been with iSolara since 2009 and customer’s love her because of her happy attitude. She keeps everything running smooth.